The First Equestrian Theatre

The Royal Horses of England

& Spain

Through words, music, humour and horsemanship this unique production comes to life

The Royal Horses

of England & Spain

Come witness the majestic beauty of some of the finest horses at this incredible event.

Majestic and regal horses and riders gallop, prance and dance through scenes of battles, masque balls, romantic liaisons and heartwarming tales from England's and Spain's past.

This unique theatrical production presents captivating stories that will surprise and entertain. These beautiful horses interact with each other as well as the actors and performers in their beautiful period costumes playing out each act, showing how Kings, Queens and nobility intertwine with other fascinating characters from the past

Testimonial “There are so many fascinating stories, we keep coming back. We love the horses and learn something new every time”

Testimonial "This event promises an evening filled with excitement, wonder and emotion".

*Did you know there were women jesters? Jane Foole, also known as The Queen's Fool and was a member of Henry VIII's court. She was the fool of queens Catherine Parr and Mary I and possibly also of Ann Boleyn.