Drama History Music  

From out of the pages of history steps the Spanish Horse

and with it the drama of war and the art of classical riding

The Company

The First Equestrian Theatre is dedicated to

the furtherance of classical dressage as

an artform, through theatre.

Telling creative stories and bringing

history to life through horses.

Its performances will celebrate Classical Riding

in all its forms, from its history to today.

There is nothing more magical than beautiful

horses performing in harmony.

The show season begins with regular weekend

performances starting in September 2022.

The first full length spectacular show

"The Horse of Spain" runs from September till

December when we will be bringing you the

Christmas Special.

The Venue and People

The First Equestrian Theatre is based

at White Horse Farm Equestrian Centre, set in the

beautiful village of Harvel in Kent, owned and

managed by International Dressage competitor

and Level 4 commercial coachman

Emma Nuttall and her husband Martin.

The First Equestrian Theatre is the brainchild of

Peter Maddison-Greenwell and partner

Danielle Lawniczak. Peter is a well known

International Dressage Trainer, Judge,

author and founder of El Caballo de España

& The First Equestrian Theatre.

Also Joining us in this exciting new project is

Dominic Sewell of Historic Equitation, a world

renowned exponent of jousting, and like Peter,

he is passionate about classical riding, and

is a student of historical haute école

horsemanship of the Sixteenth,

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.

Pre production collaboration with J. Scott-Leith,

Master of Horse for the Habsburg Cartujano

Bocado story line. John brings to the project fifty

years of knowledge and experience and is

second to none in this field.

Calum K Morrison has been brought on board

as the show's producer.

Although in his 20’s Calum is well travelled,

having spent much of his life overseas, and his

years of experience in the entertainment

industry provides him with a unique approach

to working behind the scenes.